Active New Zealand

Once Active New Zealand’s IT team and Management team discovered that 25% of traffic to the Active New Zealand’s site was coming via mobile devices, it was time for Pinch to build them a Mobile site.

Pinch built a brand reflective mobile site still containing enough content to intrigue the user. An email and contact information form was added to capture leads which are provided to the Active team to follow up.



Queenstown Water Taxis

Pinch designed and built a mobile site for Queenstown Water Taxi’s that is user friendly, and most importantly easy to find the phone number to call a cab. A water Cab that is!



Thunder Jet Queenstown

Thunder Jet provides a jet boating trip up the Kawarau River just out of Queenstown. The owners of Thunder Jet are aware that more and more tourists are travelling with smart phones, whether it be an android or iPhone.

To be ready for travellers on their way to Queenstown it became obvious that a mobile website should be part of their next marketing strategy.

The user can now view Thunder Jets trip details, watch a video, and most importantly book a trip all from their mobile phone. Pinch even arranged the third party booking system to be mobile so the complete sales funnel is easy to use, and Mobile!



Water Sports World

Water Sports World, situated in Queenstown New Zealand, offers Jet Ski hire and Boat hire on the stunning Lake Wakitipu. Pinch had the opportunity to analyse Water Sports World’s Google analytics, and discovered that up to 30% of traffic was coming to the Water sports site from a mobile phone. With this information it was very easy for the owner to see the benefits of having a mobile website.

With clear call to action and an easy to navigate home page, Pinch feels that all the important aspects of a mobile website have been displayed.



Winnie’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant

With more and more people using their mobile phones (50% of local searches are currently done from a mobile phone) to access the internet it was imperative that Winnie’s Gourmet Pizza Restaurant went mobile.

Winnie’s is situated in Queenstown New Zealand, one of New Zealand’s, and the world’s, most popular tourist destinations.

Pinch has built Winnie’s a user-friendly mobile site which enables their clients easy access to the content management systems where they can update their specials page when required.

The next step for Winnie’s is for Pinch to develop a mobile marketing strategy to capitalise on their mobile site using QR codes.