What is a QR code?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia:

“A quick response code (QR Code) is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.”

How do they work?

First the user needs install a QR reader on their mobile phone (which is free to download). Give it a try by going to www.i-nigma.mobi on your mobile. i-nigma will automatically identify your handset type, download and install i-nigma.

Once the consumer has the  QR reader installed on there mobile phone, they will simply point the phone using the camara at the Qr code and wait until it scans. At this point a number of things can happen.

Here are some examples:

-          Place a CR-code in your next print ad, to drive traffic to your mobile website, where people can download a voucher.

-          Link to specific landing page in your mobile website with a promotional offer.

-          Link to an opt-in page to build the businesses data base.

-          Link to a special report, review or other specific information.

Most importantly, QR codes will be nearly always be scanned by a mobile device. So it is imperative that you have a well build mobile website that can be viewed on all mobile devices.

Below is a example of a QR code campaign for a restaurant who’s goal was to builds it database and brand exposure.

The first screen shot is the printed ad they ran in a local newspaper.

The second is the landing page where the user was taken after they had scanned the QR code.

So other than directing the user to a web address which could be a facebook page, Youtube channel or an offer on a mobile site the user can be also directed through a variety of other channels.


Below are some of those options

Tel: when someone scans the QR code it instantly calls a phone number of your choice.

SMS: After the user scans the code they will receive a pre-composed text message to the number of their choice. This is a powerful strategy where the business can subscribe the customer to text notifications and build their data base.

Email: when the user scans the QR code it opens up the email with your email address entered in the “to” already.

vCard: After the QR code is scanned your virtual business card is automatically opened on their phone. This means that all of your card information can be added to their contacts easily and quickly.

Location: After the QR code is scanned the user will a Google Map pointing to the location of your choice. This is often used for events and concerts etc.


As you can see there are endless opportunities to build your business and customer base through QR codes.

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