Expand Your Business’s Customer Base With A Mobile Website

Mobile phone ownership has been constantly growing around the world for a decade. The figures are mind boggling: some 6 billion people, 87% of the world’s population, subscribe to a mobile phone service of some kind. 1.2 billion people regularly use their phones for internet browsing.

As web users switch from the desktop to the handheld, site owners are faced with the new reality of having to realign their online properties to meet the needs of this new audience. These days optimizing a website for mobile devices is not a luxury but a necessity.

Mobile websites
are tailor made to fit on the smaller screen of smart-phones or tablets. Mobile website developers have to take into account the limitations of comparatively less powerful portable devices. On the other hand, they are also free to incorporate mobile-centric features that are impossible on desktop computers like QR Codes, text messaging, click-to-call or GPS mapping. A properly designed mobile website will run smoothly on a variety of devices and smart-phone operating systems – an important consideration in today’s fragmented mobile marketplace.

The optimization process for a mobile website involves a lot of behind the scenes coding to create something that is suitable for mobile users. Sometimes the whole process can be as simple as changing font size, altering the page layout, resizing a few images and limiting Flash and JavaScript elements. In most cases, however, a brand new mobile website has to be built from the ground up. The biggest challenge with creating a mobile site is to provide users with an entirely new experience while retaining the central theme of the main site. A site specifically built for small screen devices allows for quicker load times and easier navigation, resulting in a vastly improved user experience. Tech savvy smart-phone users are not unmindful of the fact some that companies go the extra mile to include them in their online sphere, and are more likely to do business with these companies.

The mobile web brings a great many benefits to both consumers and businesses. Smartphone owners can access the web at any time and at any place there they can get a signal. People aren’t limited to browsing the web to their desks they are now going online more often than ever before. This ever-increasing pool of technologically savvy mobile Internet users is a prime target for marketers looking to raise brand awareness. Business owners without mobile websites risk becoming irrelevant if they don’t catch up to their more nimble competitors.

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